Sewing on a Button

Sewing on a Button

A Low-key, 5 Minute Project

A couple of weeks ago a button popped off of my suit coat and I haven’t worn it since. I know how to sew a button on. I’ve done it lots of times. Then I saw my wife do it, and she does it better! Check it out.

So the thing here that is different from what I would have done is the piece of a toothpick that has been inserted between the button and the thread. That serves as a spacer to keep the threads from getting too tight. Apparently, what you really want is for the button to end up somewhat loosely attached. Get the threads too tight and the everyday use of the button will pull against them and cause the button to break off again prematurely. Who knew! Not me. The toothpick comes out at the end of the process. Let’s keep watching.

Yep, pretty cool. In case you were wondering, these gifs were filmed with a 50mm macro lens on a Nikon D750. Not something we do every time we sew a button on, but it seemed like a fun idea and we needed a low key project for this week.

To finish it off you have to tie off the thread on the backside of the fabric and then remove the toothpick spacer. I’m excited to wear my suit coat again this weekend!


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