My Favorite Room!

My Favorite Room!

The Best Room in the House

When Jon and I were dating, this room was occupied by a roommate and was a seriously horrendous shade of Pepto pink…floor to ceiling. So naturally this was the first project that we tackled as a married couple. I knew from the beginning that this would be the perfect room for our first munchkin and so I picked a wall color that would work for a boy or girl and in the mean time would work for a guest room as well. We went with a lovely shade of mint. We found out that we were expecting about a year ago and as soon as we discovered “it” was a “he”, I was ready for nursery madness to begin! I had been waiting a long time to get to decorate a baby’s room and I was pumped!!

When I taught elementary school, my classroom always had a theme. That’s just how I roll. So of course I needed some sort of theme for our son’s room. My grandmother left me her collection of music boxes and although I didn’t keep all of them (there just wasn’t space enough for 50+ music boxes and let’s be real…some of them were creepy), but the ones I did keep are made of tin, mostly transportation related, and have moving parts. These were the ones I grew up loving and I knew when I had a boy, they would go in his room. They became the inspiration behind this travel themed nursery. It also turns out I love maps and globes. (Maybe I should continue this in the master too!) For the color scheme, I decided on mint, navy, gray, and white. I really love how this room came together in the end and it’s my favorite place to hang out with my boy.

Alright, that’s enough backstory. Let’s take a tour of the finished project.

The ABC Wall

I planned on having an ABC wall from the beginning and as soon as I found out there was a bun in the oven, I started scavenging the clearance sections at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. The letters I couldn’t find, I made.

The largest letters are my son’s initials and I made them with scrapbook paper and foam board. I kept a running list of the letters I needed and what color I would paint them or how I would make them. It was so satisfying to get this on the wall. Educational and attractive…win, win!

Under the wall I have some storage shelves that I picked up at Wal-Mart. I loved this grayish wood color. You can see two of the music boxes on the shelves, a train that spins around and a man playing the piano (the only non-transportation music box). You can also see the chair we picked up on Amazon. I love it so much! It rocks, reclines, and is super comfy. I’ve spent many a nursing session in that chair. The metal US map on the wall will eventually get some magnets and pictures of our son once we start traveling with him.

The Curtains

I found these fun curtains on Amazon as well. They are technically blackout curtains and make the room very dark, but let in little dots of light through star shaped cut-outs. They are pretty magical and I think our boy will enjoy them a lot when he is a bit older. The little side table was an OfferUp (garage sale app) find for $10 that I painted navy. And those 3 cuties on the wall? Those are photos of my husband, me, and my son on the day we were born.

The Crib

We scored this used crib on OfferUp as well. No reason to buy everything new! I’m all about DIY and garage sales! Besides giving it a good cleaning and putting it back together, we didn’t have to do anything to it.

My sister-in-law’s mother made my son the cutest cross stitch! It is something we will treasure forever and has given me an itch to stitch myself…we shall see.

So I saw a mobile with globes on Etsy that was adorable, but it was close to $80. Not a chance! DIY mobile? Yes, I did! I had a couple small globes already and purchased another one and the fun gold orb. I just couldn’t find that last piece to balance it out. Then I decided it should have an airplane. I looked all over the place for an airplane that would work and couldn’t find one I liked. One Saturday, I saw a garage sale that advertised toys and so I went with my fingers crossed that there would be an airplane and what do you know??? There were a bunch! So random and awesome! I picked up this gem for maybe $.25 and sprayed it gold. To finish the mobile, I painstakingly bent that wire so that it somewhat resembled a map. I was pretty proud when it was all done, until I hung it and looked up. The dang map is upside down. Hopefully it won’t ruin my son’s geographic development, because that’s how it’s going to stay! The “hello world” sign was a major find at Hobby Lobby at 90% off. I think it cost a whopping $2. I love clearance!

The Dresser and Shelf

First, isn’t that fox the cutest?! Okay, last wall on the tour. We did not opt for a traditional changing table, but found this cute dresser (yes, again on OfferUp) and plopped a garage sale find changing pad on the top. A lot of people say they don’t use changing tables, but since my husband and I are both tall, we’ve found it a lot easier than changing diapers on the bed or ground and so we use it all the time. (It saves our aching backs!)

Above the dresser there is a neat wooden wall caddy that I found at Hobby Lobby and it is the perfect size for diapers and such. It has hooks that we use to hang things to entertain my son during diaper changes. Above the caddy, there is a name banner I made using an old map and my Silhouette. I initially made it for the baby shower, but I loved it, so it got a place in the room.

The shelf at the top was made using a pine board that my husband cut and I stained. I spray painted some inexpensive Ikea brackets white and voila…a shelf! You can see the rest of the music boxes up there. The little airplane spins around and the old car’s hood pops up and down. The hot air balloon is my favorite though. It spins around as the little man inside the basket is looking out on the room through a screw. I think he enjoys the view! I do too!

Some last shots…

Thanks to the hubs for the great photos!



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