Month: January 2018

Johnson Bread

Just So Good This is probably my all-time favorite thing to make in a kitchen. Or if not that, then the thing I have made the most consistently in a kitchen over the last 10 years. “It’s just so good.” That’s what my wife said when I asked her how she would describe it. It’s…
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Stairs Remodel – Retrospective

Why Did We Do This? From approximately July to November of 2017, our stairs underwent a transformation from this: ┬áTo this: You may be wondering why we would bother changing the stairs. After getting into it, we wondered that a few times as well! It’s a big project to say the least, especially for two…
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DIY Motivational Workout Calendar Athletic Photo Stickers

Well, the new year is upon us and we are expected to make resolutions. Like most of you, some of our goals include some physical fitness aspirations. I decided that what we needed to stay on track is a big calendar on the wall that each of us can put a sticker on for every…
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